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Customer Appreciations

Some received appreciations from customers:
Dik, Bilthoven:
"Diptych "Virtual Landscape" bought by Jan van Aalst, no. 5 of 30, with certificate of authenticity from the photographer. Beautiful; well-chosen title: the work is clearly an image of a landscape, but also more than "real". The finishing completely according to our own wishes, matted and "floating" mounted on dibond.This farewell gift from my former colleagues has been given a permanent place in our living room. Great work, Jan!"
Jos, Rijen:
"Provide framing work by Jan van Aalst: beautifully tight results and at an interesting price, thanks again Jan and until next time!" 
Rienus, Hooge Zwaluwe:
"I received the right advice within a few hours on the question I asked. Thank you very much for the quick and correct answering." 
Wendy, Suzhou (China):
"Well, then you live on the other side of the world and your lens is broken, and then ..... Repair it here was not an option. So I contacted Jan through e-mail and explained the problem. If I took care of sending the lens to him, he would take care that the lens would be repaired. No sooner said than done. The lens went back to the Netherlands, was made and is back with us in China. And he works again perfect! JAN, THANK YOU!" 
Sharon, Breda:
"Particularly good experience with Jan van Aalst when ordering several paintings. Keywords: expertise, accuracy and quality! Very satisfied with the end result."

Manon, Rijen:
"Wanted to make one photo of 2 photos and got a bit of the idea that it wouldbe a difficult job with a not so good end result. With Google I ended up at Jan van Aalst and he has surpassed my wildest expectations with the achieved result. It has become a beautiful picture that I am very grateful for! Thank you Jan."
Proos, Bavel:

"Jan has provided three beautiful prints of my photos for the exhibition of Photo Club New Ginneken, thanks Jan." 
Chantal, Breda (Kroonmoment Fotografie):
"As a professional photographer, I was looking for a reliable business that could clean the sensor of my camera. I came to Jan van Aalst who, with his connections, helped me within 2 days to a beautiful clean sensor. A pleasant welcome in his Gallery where the work of this craftsman can be admired. The sensor is again spotlessly clean, I am happy with this discovery, a must for all photographers!" 
Katleen, Aalst (Belgium):

"Thank you very much for this wonderful service! I really appreciated it! I accidentally found your site (we are from Aalst - Belgium ðŸ~Š) but the experiences of the customers as I could read on your site, speak for themselves!!" 
Riet, Gilze:

"I came to Jan with a large photograph and the question if he was able to frame it. I received good advice and Jan also helped with finding a suitable frame. Jan has perfectly framed the photograph and neatly delivered it at home. Smooth and good service, in short we are very satisfied!!!"

Trudi, Breda:
"At an exhibition, I was introduced to the "framing" of photos on foam, which Jan also did very well for us."
Rogier, Leidschendam (Kiwi Electronics):
"Because of and offer I contacted Jan van Aalst. Fast and clear communication and fast delivery! Very pleasant experience." 
Jolanda, Borne (Van der Velde CRC Clinical Research Consultancy):

"I agree with the previous reviews: very fast delivery, clear communication and great offer!" 
Evert, Oirschot (Bach & Broccoli):

"I am very satisfied with the correct and personal handling of my purchase. Excellent price, good communication (accessible) and very fast delivery. Top!" 
Fred, Nieuwstadt:

"Same experience as Roland from Utrecht. Excellent offer, good information, (very) fast delivery, in short: perfect service." 
Roland, Utrecht:

"Even before the camera was available, Jan was one of the few in the Netherlands to have an offer on his website. After some e-mail traffic, it was clear to me that Jan was able to deliver very quickly with a fairly high degree of certainty. It turned out; even a week earlier than Jan had expected, I already had the camera at home. Jan has everything neatly taken care of and I was kept well informed by e-mail of the progress. The camera is to full satisfaction."
Fred, Elahuizen:

"I will keep your site and address up to date for any future expansions. Your speed and professionalism of response is really excellent. My compliments and thanks again." 
Jan, Soest:
"Jan is first and foremost a passionate photographer, only then a salesman. In this difficult time, remembers Jan van Aalst."
Piet, Havelte:

"After several disappointing experiences when buying things, I ended up at Jan. Expert advice and handling. I can recommend this to everyone and .... then also good prices and good products!"
Hendrik, Renesse:

"I have bought various accessories from Jan for various reasons. The main reason was that you talk to a professional who knows what it is about. Jan responds immediately to all your questions and can, in terms of price and delivery time, come along with other suppliers. Beyond that, Jan makes also very beautiful and unique photos." 
Tomas, New York (USA):

"We have entrusted Jan with shoeboxes full of old photo negatives - now we've neatly sorted out all our precious family memories and stored them digitally. A great service!" 
Kees, on behalf of Dog Club Kyon in Haaren (Dog Club Kyon):

"Jan made photos for our dog club. The photos were taken during a training evening and they are great photos. Thanks Jan."
Marijke, Breda:
"Jan, thank you for sticking the photos tightly and for the fast service." 
Johanne, Bavel:

"Jan, thank you for your help. Together with you I achieved a surprisingly good result with my photos." 
Marianne, Gilze:

"Many thanks for scanning and printing some of our wedding photos from 45 years ago, they are super nice. My sons will be happy with it." 
"If Jan can not solve it, forget it." 
Ton, Breda (Ton Dirven Photography):
"Adequate, smooth and good service. In short, I am satisfied!" 


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